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About Vandalorum

Photo: Johann Bergenholtz/Vandalorum

Photo: John Nelander/Vandalorum

Photo: John Nelander/Vandalorum


Vandalorum is a museum for regional, Swedish and international contemporary art and design. The museum was founded by the artist association Smålands Konstnärsförbund and Småland’s Art Archive, with Sven Lundh as the primary initiator and representative for the artists. Vandalorum opened in April 2011, and was built according to an original design by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. It was inspired by local building traditions and especially by the monumental drying barn that once stood on the site.

The name Vandalorum was contributed by the museum director Pontus Hultén, who was involved in the early stages of the project. In 2001, Hultén created a major exhibition at Knäppfabriken in Värnamo, called "the True Story of the Vandals", presenting the notion of a historical link between the nomadic Vandals and Småland. Hultén found the genitive form Vandalorum on a monument over Queen Christina in St Peter's Basilica in Rome. The full text is "Svecorum Gothorum et Vandalorum Reginae" - Queen of the Swedes, Geats and Vandals. Today, the word Wends is preferred, but it is uncertain whether this refers to the same people.

Småland's Art Archive was founded in Värnamo in 1964 and has since the built a respectable collection of art with ties to Småland. Since 2011, the Archive's exhibition and collection, comprising some 1,500 works, are housed in the Studio Archive at Vandalorum.


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