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Photo: John Nelander/Vandalorum

Welcome to visit our shop!

You will find a varied assortment of items in our inspirational shop! Here, we offer the latest interior design, a broad range of gift items, design- and art books, a large collection of original graphic art, organic toys along with much, much more. Here, unique to our shop, you will also find Vandalorum's own products in collaboration with designers.

The shop is continuously refilled with new products and new suppliers!

The shop has the same opening hours as Vandalorum, every day 11-17.





Leather accessories from
Baoo Baoo

© Baoo Baoo


Plant vessel from Byarums Bruk signed Signe Persson-Melin

© Byarums Bruk


Linen towels- and dishcloths from Växbolin

© Växbolin


Kitchen interior from Danish RIG-TIG



Interior details from "småländska" SMD Design

© SMD Design


Vase "meadow" from

© Klong, Photo: Tom Martinesen


Nordic design books and exhibition catalogs!

Photo: Ida Olsson/Vandalorum


Krenit bowl by Herbert Krenchel from Danish Normann-Copenhagen

© Normann Copenhagen


Organic toys from EkoLeko

© EkoLeko


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