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Lisa Larson

22.4 2023 - 7.4 2024

Lisa Larson has, through her seven decade career, become one of Sweden’s most admired and internationally re-nowned ceramicists. Humorous animals, delicate portraits of children and powerful female figures all belong to her  repertoire of motifs. She has also designed tableware and has had an extensive production of unique ceramic works.
When Lisa Larson speaks about her artistry she empha-sizes how the clay itself provides new inspiration as soon as she gets it in her hands. She has often experimented with different techniques for shaping and decorating –  for example by allowing thrown clay to become sculptures, or carving expressive patterns into the soft surface.
This exhibition presents a wide selection of Lisa Larson’s work, from her well-known mass-produced objects, to sketches, prototypes and unique works. At the centre are the ceramics, but also on display are items in porcelain, wood, glass, and bronze. In addition, the exhibition contains works by artist colleagues who Lisa Larson feels close to, and folk art which she has collected as inspiration during her travels around the world.
Photo: Patrik Lindell
Lisa Larson (b. 1931 in Härlunda, Småland, lives and works in Stockholm) is  educated at the Slöjdföreningen school in Gothenburg. 1954–80 she worked as a designer at the Gustavsberg porcelain factory. Later on she has been working freelance for Rosenthal, KF, Höganäs and Skrufs glasbruk. In 1992, Lisa Larson became the artistic leader for Keramikstudion in Gustavsberg which she founded the same year. During the 21st century, her work has received a large audience in Japan etc. In 2022, she was awarded with the royal medal Illis quorum.
The exhibition is produced by Rian designmuseum in collaboration with Vandalorum, with scenography by TAF Studio.
Thanks to: the lenders, Tore G Wärenstam Foundation, Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, Eriwood, Swedish Arts Council, Jönköping Region, Värnamo  Municipality, Vandalorum Partners: The Families Hamrin, Liljedahl, Svenstig

Bildtext: Lisa Larson, keramiker och formgivare, Gustavsbergs Studio. Fotograf okänd, bildägare: Värmdö kommun

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