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About Vandalorum

Photo: Johann Bergenholtz/Vandalorum

Photo: John Nelander/Vandalorum

Photo: John Nelander/Vandalorum


Amidst the fields in the outskirts of Värnamo you will find Vandalorum, a museum presenting the most influential art and design today. A few minutes away, motorway E4 meets highway 27, which together connect Sweden. Make a stop at Vandalorum to experience our exhibitions, enjoy the food and discover good design in our shop. Welcome!

Vandalorum is a lively museum. We annually present 10-15 unique exhibitions featuring prominent contemporary designers and artists, both Swedish and international. The buildings, reminiscent of the monumental barn that once dominated the site, are built according to an original concept by the award-winning Italian architect Renzo Piano. The interior is designed by the Icelandic architect Sigurdur Gustafsson in consultation with Vandalorum’s initiator Sven Lundh. The furniture is designed by Mats Theselius, Bruno Mathsson, Hans J. Wegner and Jonas Bohlin, among others. Inside and outside there are permanent sculptures by, for example, Joseph Kosuth, Sivert Lindblom and Gustav and Ulla Kraitz.

One of Vandalorum’s four barns is the home of Smålands Konstarkiv, whose exhibitions primarily highlight artists associated with Småland. This barn also contains the extensive collection of Smålands Konstarkiv which is open to the public by appointment.



Today's lunch

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